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Maret 16, 2010

The Benefits of Chocolate

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The Benefits of Chocolate

You’re probably looking at the title and thinking there couldn’t possibly be any benefit to eating chocolate. Chocolate is so delicious, smooth and creamy. It’s been described as one of life’s sinful little pleasures.

Of course, you didn’t really know there were any benefits, but you were merely trying to make yourself feel better about eating something that you knew was “bad” for you. You know only that it makes you feel better when you’re depressed, and at certain times of the month, you crave it like crazy. All of you chocoholics will be happy to know that there is scientific evidence supporting the benefits of chocolate and at the least a scientific explanation why we feel the need to consume it.

First, ingesting chocolate stimulates the emission of endorphins, which is the product that makes one feel a “happy” after eating chocolate. It also contains serotonin, which acts as a natural anti-depressant, thus the reason that chocolate is known to relieve depression. Theobromine and phenylethylamine act as stimulants. Even with all of this knowledge, scientists are baffled why a product with over three hundred chemicals makes us feel so good.

Some of chocolate’s bad reputation is unfounded, because although there may not be as many benefits of chocolate as chocoholics would like to believe, it is not nearly as bad as we once thought. After all, it has plenty of essential nutrients such as a high dose of potassium and magnesium and plenty of other essential vitamins and minerals. Though it is not recommended as a steady diet, it will not be harmful to indulge in chocolate occasionally and reap the benefits of chocolate- the most being the taste! ^.^


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